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Amish On-line - This is a humerous outlook on Amish life with a funny, supposedly true story of the year 2000 bug including Bill Gates with the Amish.

The MTVixens MUST SEE MTV Humor Page - This site uses humor, wit, and originally edited photos to satirize and ridicule everything on MTV (also others such as Richard Simmons, Tori Spelling, and Clowns). This site is very original and unique. :)

Fuchsia Spunk Monkey Virtual Bar & Chat Room - This is a cool site that lets you virtually pick up men/women in a virtual bar type scene. :)

Rainbow Acres Horse Rescue - This site represents a group of volunteer dedicated to saving horses from abuse, slaughter and neglect. They believe that education is the key to stopping needless abuse of most horses.

Trunks199's Homepage - This site has reviews on anime, downloads, and stuff about video games. :)

Archeologia Italiana - This site is an internet landmark of Italian Archaeology. It is in Italian but nevertheless, it has nice graphics and pictures.

7rings Graphics - This page is a good resource for people who want unique sets of icons, banners, whatnots.

Jac's Punk Page - This page has assorted things about Punk Bands, South Park, N64, and more :)

Babyturtle's Homepages - A page with midifiles and information on parenting sites.

Atlanta South Ambulance/EMS - The is the official website of the largest private ambulance service in Georgia.

Steve's Star Trek Page - The names says it all. This site is about Star Trek and has a very beautiful computer interface which makes a very unique layout.

Sykoward Online - This page has information on bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Spice Girls, and on movies too.

Who Is It ? - This page is all about Micheal Jackson. It talks about his name, his albums, and pictures.

Mosquito Creek - This site is about a comic strip that was created for her college paper, The Herald.

The Dystopian Kalopsia & The Tidy Slapper - The author has great wit and humor that is placed throughout the pages especially in "The Tidy Slapper" where she talks about herself from little things to bigger things.

Ann's Art - This is a nice site with original artwork under such categories as Creative, Adults, Children.

The Amateur Poetry Journal - A very talented collection of poetry and articles by writers who contribute their works.

Salmac Production Virtual Studios - This is a company who sponsers independent film makers to make their films. The director herself, Sally McLean, also produces films. :)

RY2127's HTML Help Pages - This is a good resource for people with or without AOL who are interested in creating FREE web pages through AOL's AOLPress, and/or Personal Publisher.

Darlene's X-files site - This site has pictures, sounds, and cool graphics about the X-files.

Stanley's QuakerVille - This site is dedicated to Quaker Parakeets.

Masked Maidens Main Room and Poetry Parlor - Personal poetry and information on depression and other emotional disturbances.

The A.R.Yngve Homepage Featuring READ MY BOOKS FOR FREE - A writer's website where you can read his thriller, SF and fantasy novels for free. Chapters are added every weekend though the novels are finished.

American Indian Health Central - American Indian Health Central is a group of American Indians dedicated to providing health information, education, referral, and outreach services to the American Indian community as well as non-Indians.

Earthly Charms - This site is dedicated to living a healthy, better life using natural herbs with a bit of Wicca thrown in for good measure.

Graphic Artists, Inc - This site is a business site operated and run by Ken (the photographer), Clay (illustrator), and Denita (graphic designer). This site does graphic design work for individuals and large companies.

TACTICS Private Investigations - This site is about a leading private investigations firm with a very unique and informative web site. Sections include: things to consider before hiring a private investigator; a page dedicated to the National Center for Missing Children; 11 free security/safety reports, and more.

UCLA Vietnamese Student Union - This site is about a student-run organization. The UCLA Vietnamese Student Union strives to educate and spread their beautiful culture and heritage, while providing community services and empowerment in student government.

Juvenila's Dennis Bergkamp Site - This is a site dedicated to Dutch Soccer Star, Dennis Bergkamp. There is the latest news, goals and pics. He also offers his own Artwork, wallpapers, screensavers and more.


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