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The Queen's Throne recently awarded Holland Teen Court a Mark of the Queen Award.

Queen's Throne was honored to be published in the local paper in their area. Click on the link to find out what was published. :)


Guidelines :

1) Sites should not only contain links and has to be a personal site not commercial.

2) There should not be any offensive adult material.

3) If you have music, there has to be an off button somewhere!!!

4) Links and Images should not be broken. :)

5) Graphics should be mostly original.

6) The site can be in other languages.

7) I do periodically check back on the site to make sure that they still exist.

8) I do take consideration if you're a kid or not :)


To apply please fill out the form:

1. Name:

2. E-mail address: (e.g.:

3. Specify Award: Award #1 Award #2 Award #3 Award #4

4. URL:

5. Title of site:

6. Short description of your site:


If you are having trouble with the form, please e-mail me the information at



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