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H o w T o U p l o a d A W e b P a g e U s i n g F E T C H :D


Alright :) so you want to make a webpage and don't know where to start or what to get, right ? If so you have come to the right place.

You can use different programs to make your website. Some servers like AOL let you make your own webpage and teaches you how but it is very basic. This can be found at Keyword: Personal Publisher. Programs like Microsoft Front Page or Claris HomePage or Adobe PageMill will teach you how to make a webpage. Most programs use HTML (hypertext markup language) to build their webpage. You can learn that by reading a HTML guide or if you don't want to learn HTML, you can use PageMill because its concept is drag & drop which is a lot easier but basic.

Once you get your pages ready for the web you need to get it up on the web :) To get a Free webpage go to :




There are other ones you can choose by searching for it on search engines.

You will get from 2MB to 10MB of free space depending on where you get it from. For a MAC, you need to get FETCH, a program that will upload your webpages (bring it from your computer to the WWW). You can get FETCH by clicking here or searching for it on the web since it is shareware.

After downloading FETCH, you will get online depending on what program you are using (AOL, Netscape, etc). Then while online, open FETCH. This will open a screen with the following questions :

Enter Host Name, userid, and password (or choose from the short cut menu):

Host : ftp.

Userid :

Password :

Directory :

If you chose Tripod's free Webpages they will let you pick a name you will go by. This will be your Userid. Tripod will first give you a password which you can change but that will be your password.



Host :

Userid :

Password :

Directory :

This will then log on and show you a screen from Tripod saying you are connected. Then there will be a button saying <PUT FILE>. You will get whatever file you want and click on it. Do so until you don't have any files to put. Now you can either <QUIT> or <END CONNECTION>. If you get disconnected, just go under file <NEW CONNECTION>. Sometimes the server is too busy so your line could be dropped. Just wait or do it another time at a less peak hour.

NOTE : Files should have a <.html> at the end of all pages and images should either have <.JPG> or <.GIF>. In your file names and images names, there can be no spaces or "&s" or it will not work while uploading.




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