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Dobermann´s Forever - This site has the history about and photos of the Dobermann, going back to the origin of this nobel and magnificient animal. A large part of this web page has been dedicated to the Dobermann as a library, where people can read, learn about and follow the elevation of this breed.

Rajiv's Simpsons Site - This site is based on America's funniest animated sitcom "The Simpsons." This site contains pics, videos, sounds, couch openings, Bart's prank calls to Moes, Bart's blackboard sayings, Homer's mmmmms, Homer's Antics, How to draw, Mugshots, when Homer says "DOH" and even a trivia quiz.

Sweet Pochacco - This is a cute site all about Pochacco :)

PAINTED INTO A KORNER- This site offers art from talented artists that he has met in his travels. "The Korner" is a showcase of his poetry and an open gallery for visuals.

Absolute Serenity - This is a personal site of poetry, short stories, artwork, and a place to encourage creativity between herself and other writers.

Allerian Memoirs - This site is a collection of memoirs from players of an interactive role playing game.

LadyFire's WebSite - This site has loads of wacky stuff from reflections to mysticism to pets.

Anna's World - This site has games, quizes, links, info on Anna, and more! A site for anyone who is an anyone!

Pauls Tony Hawk Pro Skater - A site about the playstation game Tony hawk pro skater.

Daisy - A personal website.

Simplified Online - This site is an online Shopping Club and small business promotions

Sales Creators Consulting - This site is a high traffic business resource center helping new and existing businesses with sales and marketing problems.

CoxImages - This site is a personal website that has free animated gifs, backgrounds, services, awards and her own creation, Coccynelle.

The Realm of Axanthia - This site is the personal site of "Sir Axeir." It will include info and updates on Axeir's latest project -a fully functional, full scale 15th century castle in Washington.

AlwyzSmylinz Page- This is a personal website with cheerleading, quotes, poems, writing, an award to win, cute stuff, and more.

Rania's Place - This site has links to all sorts of free stuff from guestbooks to web hosting and more.

Sandpiper's Nest - A very visually appealing website that has a collection of different things including information about Native Americans and more.

Blue 2000 - A very well designed personal site with great graphics and lots of odds and ends.

eHuman - This site holds information about the literary cyberpunk movement.

Celestial Heaven - This site has information on how to build your own website, HTML tutorials, tips and many examples. There are also links to free graphic sites, software, web resources, hosting, and more.

Very important pokemon- This site has cheats of the Pokemon game and has lots of info on html.

Steen's Hjemmeside - This site has game cheats, driver downloads, cartoons/clipart, Africa live, and more. It's also in English and Danish.

Queeny's world- This is a personal website.

Arte Ciudad- This site has features digital art and web design.

TheABBA, Seal Of Music- - Everything about the music group, ABBA.

Internet tips and secrets - This site has a lots of tips to help people to learn about the internet.

Law Enforcement Index Page - This site is about law enforcement and public safety information, humor, and more.

Pen and Ink by Jean Fondren - This site has pen and ink drawings by southern artist, Jean Fondren

FunnZone - A place for family entertainment :)

The Hartnett Hut - This site is about a wonderful actor, Josh Hartnett. Everything you'd ever want to know about him is here!

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