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Greenleaf Pottery - This site showcases the pottery by John Macomber. This pottery is made into functional stoneware and they also offer classes on how to make pottery.

Glitter Galaxy - This site is still in the works. It is a cute teen girl website with cool graphics.

KYBearcub's Website - This site has personal pages, awards pages, movie pages, a Menudo Webring, Halloween pages, and more.

Zelda: Link's Story of a Hero- This site is about Zelda, a video game icon. They are building a New Zelda Game which is going to based on the Unreal Tournament Engine. Go check it out :)

Simply Charming - This site is about jewelry by Simply-Charming for Babies to Grandmothers designed with lampwork beads and sterling silver. All fit for a Princess or Queen and all Simply Charming.

VLUCHTHEUVEL- This site is run by Barbara and Anne. They made this site about a youthclub from the 1960-70s. The members are now around 55-65 years old and they see each other through reunions. (Only some of the pages are in english but nevertheless, it is still very sweet site).

Always Evolving- Always Evolving is an inspirational site that has touched the hearts of many. It features personal photos, artwork, short stories, poetry, monthly pet care articles, friendship quilts, an online journal, and more.

Adopt-A-Dancer- This site is pretty interesting and has a lot of info. It is about adopting your favorite Irish dancers. There is also info on traditional Irish dance, shows, famous dancers, fun and games and more.

Underappreciated, Underrated but Unmatched!- This site has the most extensive and up-to-date tribute on the web to pairs skaters Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov.

Tribute to Brianna- This is a very special webpage poem dedicated from Ray to his wife Jamie and their new daughter Brianna, who is just 8 wks old.

The Wise Gardener- This is a personal site that features tropical gardening, decorating & tropical travel.

K.V. It Fean Homepage- (This site is in Dutch.) This site is about a sportclub, named "K.V. It Fean." It is about the sport "korfball". It's mostly popular in Holland. Here you can find the latest results, polls and other info.

Graham Abbey Tribute- This site is dedicated to Canadian actor Graham Abbey.

Grace O'My Sunshine- This is a tribute site for Gracie, the Mini Dachshund, Duchess the GSD, and their family and friends.

NC's Outer Banks: A National Historical Treasure-  This site displays the historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through original detailed photography and rich text.

Advanced Concept Webdesign Agency- This site creates and develops web sites using the integrations of HTML/DHTML/Java and other tools. They also redesign and update websites.

Dannelly Surname Resource Center- This is a genealogy site for those seeking Dannelly/Danley/Dannelley/Danielly ancestors and descendants.

The FCPF Weird Wild Web- The FCPF is an improv comedy band from Michigan, who just home from their 2000 world tour. The FCPF now returns to the internet to thank the fans who made them what they are today.

Haunted Web Behind Bars- This is an Australian site against the death penalty.

Ashley E's Seth Green Fan PageThis web site is dedicated to the actor Seth Green. On the site you will find infomation on him, pictures, articles, etc. 

The Heart Brake Hotel-  This is a web site dedicated to the former WWF Champion Shawn Michaels. On this site you will find pictures, information, audio and video clips, etc.

Kayla's Korner- This site is basically all about Lizzie McGuire , Colorguard, and Me.

Celine-Russia Site- This is the first Russian site about Celine Dion in English (he claims). It has beautiful graphics and its a very visually appealing site.

DeepMetrix Corporation - This site is about Web analytics and offers network monitoring software.

Rogue Unlimited- This is a Rogue fan site (X-men) with a lot of sources and information about the character. - Download Your World - Altscape will bring your computer to life with high-quality, full screen images reflecting your own styles and interests.

Art Corridor - Your Pathway To The World Of Art - First Malaysian Publication featuring Asian Art. Covering histories, movements, catalogs & works from the masters and new breeds.

Miss Platt's 7th Grade Langauge Arts Class - This site is about Miss Platt's 7th grade Language Arts class. It is a thematic project-based page which includes a homework page, projects, novel unit studies, and online resources.

Rodolfo Lisi- (In Italian) This site is dedicated to an Italian "serve and volley" tennis player, Rodolfo Lisi.

Heather Anne's Homepage- This site has poetry, friends poetry, game links and dedication link to my online big brother who passed away.


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