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L E T T E R #3 :

helloO! in case you're wondering i got your address from your homepage =)

i'm into computer graphics too but im just a beginner...

i have couple of questions~ hope you dont mind answering 'em =)

whut kind of computer is good for graphics?? i hear apple's are good but do you know why? and which apple would you recommend??

oh yeah~ what kind of programs do you think are good for graphics??

thanks a bunch~!

- July Moon



R E S P O N S E :


Hi ! Thanx for coming to my site. :) I'm glad that you have an interest in computer graphics.

I think that a Mac/Apple is good for computer graphics because the color/dpi comes out better on Apple computers and it is easier to work with. I have tried doing graphics on a PC and it is much harder because the contrast of colors were not as great. The apple is also a powerful machine for graphics that is why more artists and art schools use them. It depends on how much money you want to spend. If you want to do graphics you should use a powerful computer. I don't recommend a laptop. I have a blue and white PowerMac G3 400 Mhz. Very powerful though expensive but the color is great. Another good computer is Silicon Graphics computers which is the ultra in computer graphics but very costly.

Good programs for graphics is Adobe Photoshop if you want to play around with images. Adobe Illustrator if you like to play around with more text and vector based images or a 3D program like CorelDraw or Bryce 3D.

Hope that I have helped you. Thanx.



L E T T E R #4 :

 Hi Su-Queen,


I'm Calis, you used to pop by my homepage months ago. Not too sure whether you still remember signing my guestbook or not. But, anyway, you can pop by later to refresh your memory. Btw, are you a Singaporean? (just curious). I need some help from you. As I know that you're a graphic designer, staying in NY, can I roughly know what is the market rate (most common, average) salary for a position for a graphic designer? A very experience in Desktop Publishing (abt 3 years) and some knowledge for HTML(a year). I just need to know some feedback from you. You can give me a range of salaries that is most commonly paid in US... pls... I need to know because I might go to US (New York) to live for a period of time. If I don't know the market rate, it's hard for me to plan for it. I hope you can just give me some feedback. Thank you Su-Queen.




R E S P O N S E :


Hi Calis,

Sorry that it took so long to reply. I just moved into the dorms at NYU and it took almost 2 weeks to figure out how to work the system here. I'm not a professional graphic designer just a student learning graphic design. However, I do know a couple of websites that might help: (I think this site might help the most)

The Salary Calculator-

Job Factory-

Hope that this information is useful. Take care.

as always,



L E T T E R #5 :

This is a reply I made to a guy who wanted help on ideas for Y2K and how to lessen the pixel loss when images were downloaded from the internet.

 R E P L Y :


Hi Mike :)

It's great that you like my work. Thankyou for the comments. I will try to help you with your ideas on Y2K. Here are some suggestions:

1. Y2K has a lot to do about clocks like a digital clock where the numbers are like 11:59:59 and the date or a normal clock.

2. Could try to recreate the crystal ball that falls every year at Time Square in NY and the 2000 date on top flashing.

3. A clock and dynamite around it so when the clock reaches the point it seems as if everything will go wrong.

4. A comic - A man sitting on a table and calling the bank to ask for his money but there is none left or other situations involving hospitals, planes, etc.

When you download an image of the net it is most probable that it is a .gif file or .jpg file. This already loses some detail (dpi) so when you download it from the net and try to expand it, the image will lose a lot more. I suggest trying to find the original file or the image will be blurry. You could try to sharpen it or play around with it in Photoshop or other image editing programs. I hope this helps.


 R E S P O N S E :


thanx for ure quick n kind response n the bright ideas too.

hopefully u finish-em-up quickly.i promise you'll get the first shirts.

further on i'll hv to get photoshop to try n see if that works, which is not a problem.

stay cool pal n keep me posted on the progress of our project.

a friend





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