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L E T T E R #1 :

Thursday, August 9th, 2001

Dear Su-Queen, 

Are you the artist who created "Colors of the Fall", the bamboo painting?  We are in need of using this graphic for a promotional postcard for a bamboo exhibit at our non-profit museum. Is there anyway we can get the original file for this or a high quality scan?  We'd be happy to mention you as the artist on the postcard and other promotional pieces.  Please email me asap as we are running out of time before we need to get this to the printers. I can also be reached at 1-800-549-5412 ext 117.   

Thank you, 

Jennifer Jennifer Kent
Marketing Manager
World Forestry Center
(503) 228-1367 ext 117

R E S P O N S E :

Hi Jennifer,
I am the artist who created "Colors of the Fall." I don't have the original with me since I'm on vacation but I do have a better version you can download at It would be great if you could mention my name. If you do use it, can I get a few copies?




Thank you for your quick response. We just love this art work and are very
proud that it will appear as our promotional postcard. This card will be
mailed to about 7,000 people. We will be happy to credit you with the work.
Please let me know what address I can send samples to.




L E T T E R #2:

I have just surfed into you website and your graphics capability really astonished me. I deal with graphics on a regular basis and I have just a few
questions to ask. What are Bryce and Kai's Power Tools? I have heard of them but are they programs by themselves or pluggins? I myself has always been stuck at Adobe, be it Photoshop, Pagemaker or Illustrator, and it is limiting certain creation.
One more question okay? Which is better of the three that you used? Or should I rephrase "Each program is used to certain effects, so what are the capabilities of Bryce and Kai which doesn't exist in Adobe?" Maybe I should learn to use these tools as well. Sometimes you just stop at something because you are too comfortable with it. I'm knee deep in quicksand.
Thank you very much.

TH Choon

 R E S P O N S E :


Dear TH Choon,

Thank you for visiting my site. I enjoyed your site too. Your layout is easy to use and your designs in your portfolio are well done- very innovative. I hope to explore more later.

Bryce and KPT are two different programs. KPT are filters that help in Photoshop. Bryce is a program that allows you to do 3D landscapes and such. I don't know which one is better per se, but each has its own uniqueness. Bryce and KPT differ from Adobe Pagemaker and Illustrator because of their capabilities. Pagemaker as you know does layout and illustrator is more 2D oriented. I hope this helps and makes sense. :)





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